The Red Nose Siblings Transformation: From Christmas Swag To Music Machines


Before this brother-sister duo transformed into music sensations, they were enjoying the holiday season in Highland Park, California, creating enchanting melodies and getting into the Christmas spirit.

Key Takeaway

The brother-sister duo, who once embraced the holiday season in California, has since risen to fame in the music industry, winning multiple Grammy awards and showcasing their comedic talents on “Saturday Night Live.”

Prior to their rise to stardom, both siblings were fans of popular talent shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice.” In 2020, they made headlines by posing together with their collection of Grammy awards. Additionally, they have both showcased their comedic talents on the iconic show “Saturday Night Live.”

Still can’t figure it out? Here’s another hint: Both siblings share a love for animals, including spiders, dogs, and cats!