Sylvester Stallone’s Warning To Actors: Avoid Doing Your Own Stunts


Sylvester Stallone, the iconic action star, has issued a cautionary message to fellow actors, advising them against performing their own stunts in the film industry. This warning comes in the wake of Stallone’s revelation about undergoing seven surgeries due to injuries sustained while filming “The Expendables” in 2010.

Key Takeaway

Sylvester Stallone’s firsthand experience with the physical toll of performing stunts serves as a compelling reminder of the potential risks involved for actors. His cautionary advice highlights the importance of prioritizing safety on set and considering the long-term implications of undertaking hazardous stunts.

The Revelation

During a recent episode of his Paramount reality show, “The Family Stallone,” the legendary actor disclosed the significant toll that performing stunts has taken on his body. Stallone recounted the incident that led to his injuries, explaining that while filming “The Expendables,” he was subjected to multiple body slams by co-star “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Despite feeling the impact during one particular take, Stallone persisted with the scene, ultimately leading to long-term physical repercussions.

Stallone’s Advice

Reflecting on his experiences, Stallone emphasized the risks associated with undertaking dangerous stunts, stating, “I’ve warned people — don’t do your own stunts.” His own encounter with a fractured neck and subsequent surgeries serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers involved in performing high-risk action sequences.

The Aftermath

As a result of the injuries sustained on set, Stallone has undergone multiple surgeries, including the insertion of a metal plate to stabilize his neck. Furthermore, his doctors have indicated the possibility of requiring artificial discs in his lower spine in the future. Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, also expressed the challenges faced by the family in coping with the aftermath of these health issues.