Sydney Sweeney Shares Playful Moments With Glen Powell During Film Shoot


Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell continue to keep fans entertained with their playful online banter. The two actors, who are co-stars in the upcoming rom-com “Anyone But You,” have been teasing each other on social media, adding fuel to the already buzzing romance rumors.

Key Takeaway

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s playful interactions on social media have sparked romance rumors among fans. Their chemistry both on and off-screen adds excitement to their upcoming film, “Anyone But You.”

Flirting on Social Media

After Sydney playfully commented on Glen’s revealing Men’s Health photoshoot, joking that it was raising the heat levels this winter, she has once again caught the attention of fans. This time, Sydney shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Glen working out on a yacht during their film shoot, which she posted on her Instagram account.

In the video clip, Sydney can be heard giggling like a school girl as she records Glen exercising between takes. She captioned the post with, “How @glenpowell actually trained for his Men’s Health cover shoot,” accompanied by a tongue-out emoji. It’s clear that Sydney’s lighthearted and flirty nature is keeping the fans engaged.

Amping up the Chemistry

The chemistry between Sydney and Glen is undeniable, both on and off-screen. The recently released trailer for “Anyone But You” features a steamy shower scene, further intensifying the speculation about their relationship. However, both actors have consistently denied any romantic involvement, expressing their frustration with the persistent rumors.

A Memorable Collaboration

In interviews, both Sydney and Glen have praised their collaboration on the film. Sydney gushed about the memorable experience of working with Glen and expressed her hopes that viewers would feel the love and fun they shared on set.