Suzanne Somers’ Late Husband Alan Hamel Writes Heartfelt Love Letter Prior To Her Passing


Suzanne Somers, beloved actress and television personality, was fortunate to receive a deeply moving love letter from her husband, Alan Hamel, just hours before her untimely passing. The letter, a testament to their enduring love, allowed Suzanne to bask in his affection one last time before peacefully slipping away in her sleep.

Key Takeaway

Suzanne Somers received a heartfelt love letter from her husband, Alan Hamel, just before her passing. This emotional tribute eloquently conveyed Alan’s profound love and devotion for Suzanne, encapsulating their extraordinary 46-year marriage.

According to R. Couri Hay, Suzanne’s publicist, Alan presented her with the heartfelt poem on Saturday night. It is believed that Alan’s intention was to gift Suzanne the letter in advance of her upcoming birthday, which would have taken place on Monday.

An Expression of Love

In the tender composition, Alan, a seasoned film producer, eloquently captures his unwavering devotion to Suzanne. With genuine emotion, he recounts the countless ways in which the word “love” permeates his daily life – from his heartfelt emails to his cherished family, to the captivating shows he enjoys on Netflix, and even to the simple pleasure of savoring “a great meal.”

Nevertheless, Alan affirms that no form of the word “love” can adequately encapsulate the depth of his feelings for his wife of 46 years. He states, “THERE IS NO VERSION OF THE WORD THAT IS APPLICABLE TO SUZANNE AND I EVEN USE THE WORD APPLICABLE ADVISEDLY.”

Alan continues to express that there are few words in the world capable of truly capturing the magnitude of his emotions. He confesses, “I’LL TAKE A BULLET FOR YOU DOESN’T DO IT. I WEEP WHEN I THINK ABOUT MY FEELINGS FOR YOU.”

A Lifetime of Love

With a remarkable 55 years together, including 46 years of marriage, Alan emphasizes their unparalleled bond. He reveals that the couple has spent an astounding 42 years never being apart for even a single hour. Their connection is truly extraordinary.

Alan concludes his poignant letter with a powerful sentiment, describing the intensity of their love as simply “US” – a uniquely magical and indescribably wonderful union.

As the world mourns the loss of Suzanne Somers, renowned for her iconic role in “Three’s Company,” her family gathers not to commemorate her 77th birthday, but to celebrate her remarkable life instead. Suzanne leaves behind a legacy of love, inspiration, and unwavering strength.