Suspect Identified In Theft Of Lily Collins’ Belongings


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has identified the suspect involved in the theft of actress Lily Collins’ personal belongings. The alleged perpetrator has been identified as Andreea Catalina Rosca, and law enforcement is currently seeking the public’s assistance in apprehending her.

Key Takeaway

Andreea Catalina Rosca has been identified as the suspect in the theft of Lily Collins’ belongings. Law enforcement is seeking assistance in locating her, as she is believed to be involved in organized theft groups.

Details of the Theft

Rosca is accused of stealing numerous items from Lily Collins, including her wedding band, engagement ring, and various electronics. It is believed that she unlawfully entered a hotel spa and yoga studio, where she removed jewelry and credit cards from lockers. She then reportedly used the stolen items to create fake identification documents and purchased over $67,000 worth of jewelry.

Additionally, it has come to light that Rosca possesses a fake Washington State ID card, using the name “Nicole Morri.” She is described as a 34-year-old white adult, approximately 5’1″ tall, weighing 100 lbs, with black hair and brown eyes.

Possible Connections to Organized Theft Groups

Rosca is believed to have ties to Romanian Organized Theft Groups and is known to travel across states to commit similar crimes. Authorities are urging anyone with knowledge of her whereabouts to contact the West Hollywood Sheriff Station.

Increasing Incidents of Celebrity Burglaries

This incident adds to a growing list of celebrity burglaries that have occurred this year. Notable individuals, including Drake, Miles Teller, and LAFC star Kellyn Acosta, have all fallen victim to thefts in recent months.