Suni Lee Wows Fans With Unprecedented Full-Twisting Jaeger Skill


Gymnastics sensation Sunisa Lee has left fans in awe with her latest training footage, showcasing her flawless execution of the incredibly challenging full-twisting Jaeger. The 20-year-old Olympic bronze medalist took to Instagram to share the jaw-dropping clips, garnering widespread admiration from her 1.6 million followers.

Key Takeaway

Sunisa Lee has astounded the gymnastics world with her flawless execution of the unprecedented full-twisting Jaeger, setting the stage for a potential legacy-defining moment at the Paris Olympics.

The Unprecedented Feat

In the video, Lee can be seen effortlessly performing the full-twisting Jaeger, a move that has never been attempted in competition before. The unprecedented skill has drawn praise from fellow gymnasts, including Livvy Dunne, Nastia Liukin, and Katelyn Ohashi, who were astounded by Lee’s mastery of the challenging stunt.

A Potential Legacy

If Sunisa Lee successfully executes the full-twisting Jaeger at a major international competition such as the upcoming Paris Olympics, the move will be immortalized as “The Lee,” as reported by This remarkable feat has further solidified Lee’s status as a trailblazer in the world of gymnastics.

Overcoming Adversity

Lee’s awe-inspiring performance comes on the heels of her courageous battle with kidney issues, during which she bravely shared her struggles with weight gain due to the condition. Her triumphant return to peak form has captivated fans and fellow athletes alike, as she gears up for the upcoming Olympic trials in June, marking a pivotal step on her journey to Paris.