Sophia Bush And Ashlyn Harris: A Flirting Controversy Before Divorces Were Filed


The timeline surrounding the relationship of actresses Sophia Bush and soccer star Ashlyn Harris has raised eyebrows with new images surfacing. These images show the two flirting, posing for pictures together, and sharing laughter months before either one filed for divorce.

Key Takeaway

New images have emerged suggesting that Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris had a close and flirtatious relationship months before either filed for divorce. The pictures from the Cannes event and subsequent public outings have sparked curiosity about the nature of their connection.

A Surprising Connection at Cannes

In June, both Sophia and Ashlyn attended the prestigious Cannes event. They participated in a panel discussion addressing the empowerment of women in sports and were seated next to each other. Sophia later posted four images from the event on social media, two of which prominently featured Ashlyn.

While going through the images, one particular photo caught the attention of many. In this picture, both Sophia and Ashlyn are seen smiling and laughing. Sophia even playfully grabs Ashlyn’s arm, suggesting a comfort level between the two that goes beyond mere friendship.

Further evidence of their bonding can be seen in a selfie posted by Ashlyn from their Cannes trip. In the picture, she has her arm wrapped around Sophia, signifying a close and cozy relationship.

Continued Togetherness and Flirting

The connection between Sophia and Ashlyn was not confined to Cannes. They were spotted together again in July at a watch party for the La Copa Mundial Femenina in Los Angeles. This public display of friendship further heightened speculation about the nature of their relationship.

It is worth noting that while rumors circulated, Sophia filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Grant Hughes, on August 4. Ashlyn, on the other hand, filed for divorce from her wife, Ali Krieger, a fellow soccer star, on September 19. Ashlyn and Ali share the responsibility of raising their two young children.

A Shocking Revelation

A report from DailyMail claims that Ashlyn told Ali their relationship was over just days after returning from Cannes. However, Ali has not made any public statements regarding the split.

Support and New Beginnings

In the midst of the controversy, Grant Hughes, Sophia’s estranged husband, issued a statement expressing his support. He conveyed his desire for Sophia’s happiness and fulfillment, acknowledging that he will always want the best for her.

Recently, Sophia was spotted arriving solo at LAX, but she did not disclose any details or express a willingness to discuss her current situation.