Shirtless Orioles Field Invader Gets Body Slammed By Security Guard And Carried Out


A dramatic and unexpected incident unfolded during the Orioles game on Saturday when a daring field invader made a reckless dash onto the field. The audacious individual, sporting nothing but a pair of tiny briefs emblazoned with the phrase “Virginity Rocks,” disrupted the eighth inning of Baltimore’s playoff opener against the Texas Rangers.

Key Takeaway

The Orioles game was temporarily interrupted by a shirtless field invader who was swiftly taken down by security and carried off the field. The incident highlights the importance of maintaining proper decorum during sporting events.

Video footage captured by fans in the stands documents the chaotic sequence of events. The invader sprinted across the field for several seconds before his daring escapade abruptly came to an end thanks to a security guard’s textbook tackle. However, astonishingly, the trespasser managed to regain his footing, prompting security to execute a WWE-style takedown, forcefully returning him to the ground.

Within moments, another security guard rushed to assist in apprehending the unruly intruder. Together, they carried him towards a nearby police officer who promptly placed handcuffs on the man. The disruptive individual was subsequently escorted away from the field, allowing the game to resume.

Despite the thrilling distraction and the surge of adrenaline it likely provided for spectators, the Orioles ultimately suffered defeats in both games against the Rangers over the weekend. As a result, they now face the challenge of traveling to Texas to try and level the playing field.