Shaquille Leonard’s Charitable Act: Passing Out Turkeys In Indianapolis After ‘Shocking’ Colts Cut


Former Indianapolis Colts linebacker, Shaquille Leonard, turned a disappointing day into an opportunity for giving back. Just hours after being released by the Colts, Leonard partnered with Gleaners Food Bank and Chapel Rock Church to distribute turkeys to families in need ahead of Thanksgiving.

Key Takeaway

Shaquille Leonard, following his surprising release from the Colts, demonstrated his commitment to the community by partnering with local organizations to distribute turkeys to families in need. Despite his disappointment, Leonard’s drive to make a positive impact shines through his charitable actions.

Spreading Hope During Challenging Times

Despite the unexpected end to his tenure with the Colts, Leonard remained committed to his community. He didn’t let the shocking news dampen his spirit as he selflessly organized the turkey giveaway, impacting approximately 200 families.

Handing out not only turkeys but also side dishes, Leonard expressed his gratitude for the support he received throughout his career in Indianapolis. Despite battling injuries over the past six years, Leonard established himself as one of the best players in Colts’ recent history, earning three All-Pro selections.

A Surprising Turn of Events

The news of Leonard’s release came as a shock to both fans and the player himself. As he prepared for a midseason game, the linebacker learned of his departure from the team. However, he remained in high spirits during the charitable event, engaging with fans, taking photos, and signing autographs.

In an interview with ESPN’s Stephen Holder, Leonard mentioned that he believes his complaints about his diminished role in the Colts’ defense this season may have played a part in the decision. However, he also emphasized that there are no hard feelings between him and the organization at this point.

Continuing the Journey

Although Leonard’s future in the NFL remains uncertain, he wasted no time in continuing his journey of helping others. By organizing the turkey distribution event, he showcased his dedication to making a difference in the lives of those in need. Leonard’s actions exemplify the true spirit of giving and resilience, even in the face of personal setbacks.