Shane Gillis Sparks Controversy With ‘SNL’ Monologue


Shane Gillis, the comedian who was hired and then fired from “Saturday Night Live” before his first episode, recently took the stage to host the iconic sketch show. His performance has left fans divided, with some praising his irreverent set and others criticizing his non-PC comments.

Key Takeaway

Shane Gillis’ recent hosting of “Saturday Night Live” has sparked controversy and divided opinions among fans, with his non-PC comments and irreverent set drawing both criticism and praise.

Gillis’ Polarizing Monologue

Gillis, who was dismissed from SNL in 2019 due to controversial remarks he made about Asian-American people, chose not to address the scandal during his monologue. Instead, he delved into a new set of jokes that appeared to alienate parts of his audience. He performed a segment on Down Syndrome and used words that have become taboo in recent years, further adding to the tension in the room.

Reactions and Response

Throughout his performance, Gillis acknowledged the audience’s mixed reactions, expressing his surprise at the lack of laughter for certain jokes. Despite the controversy, he also participated in several sketches, including a parody of Donald Trump’s new golden sneakers and a skit alongside Bowen Yang, the first full-time Asian American cast member on the show who was vocal about Gillis’ firing.

Divided Fan Reactions

Fan reactions to Gillis’ performance have been polarized, with some condemning his non-PC comments while others appreciated his irreverent approach. The mixed responses have sparked debates on social media, with individuals expressing contrasting views on Gillis’ hosting gig.