Roosterfish To Keep Lisa Vanderpump’s Iconic Olive Trees


Roosterfish, the new owners of the old PUMP restaurant location in West Hollywood, have announced that they will be preserving the iconic olive trees that were a prominent part of the decor at the original establishment. Mario Vollera, one of the owners, has confirmed that the trees will remain in place as they take over the space, emphasizing their significance and beauty.

Key Takeaway

Roosterfish, the new proprietors of the former PUMP restaurant site, have confirmed that they will be preserving the beloved olive trees that were a distinctive feature of the original establishment, emphasizing their cultural significance and aesthetic value.

The Legacy of PUMP

Following the closure of PUMP back in May, there was speculation about the fate of its distinctive features. However, the decision by Roosterfish to maintain the olive trees reflects a commitment to honoring the legacy of the renowned restaurant.

Symbolism and Aesthetics

The preservation of the olive trees is not merely a practical choice but also a symbolic one. According to Mario Vollera, the trees are believed to bring prosperity and good luck. Moreover, they are recognized for their contribution to the ambiance of the outdoor patio, enhancing the overall appeal of the space.

A New Chapter for Roosterfish

As Roosterfish prepares to welcome patrons to the revamped location in the upcoming year, the decision to retain the iconic olive trees serves as a nod to the history of the venue while embracing the beginning of a new chapter under new ownership.