Remy Ma & Papoose Divorce Rumors Confirmed By Eazy The Block Captain


Remy Ma and Papoose’s marriage is facing a new challenge as Eazy The Block Captain, a battle rap protege, appears to confirm the split in explosive audio.

Key Takeaway

The audio clip featuring Eazy The Block Captain has brought to light the alleged turmoil within Remy Ma and Papoose’s marriage, raising questions about the future of their relationship and the impact on the battle rap community.

Allegations and Revelations

A 16-minute audio clip posted on a YouTube blog features Eazy The Block Captain discussing his alleged involvement with Remy Ma and the friction it has caused with Papoose. Eazy claims that Remy instructed him to keep their affair secret, and he describes a confrontation with Papoose, alleging that it turned physical.

Eazy also expresses a desire for a rematch with Papoose, suggesting that the punches thrown during their previous encounter did not faze him. He further reveals that Remy has been a frequent visitor to his home for several months, adding fuel to the rumors that initially surfaced during a battle rap event. Additionally, rapper Geechi Gotti brought attention to Remy’s affair with Eazy through his lyrics during a battle with him.

Impact on the Community

Expressing his willingness to step aside if Papoose and Remy reconcile, Eazy laments the negative light that the situation has cast on the battle rap culture. He voices concerns about the repercussions and implications of the affair on the community as a whole.

Unresolved Questions

As the rumors continue to circulate, fans have expressed their disappointment and directed criticism at Remy Ma on social media. The couple, who tied the knot in 2008 while Remy was incarcerated, gained fame through their appearances as a reality star couple on VH1. Despite attempts to reach out to Papoose for verification of Eazy’s claims, there has been no response at the time of reporting.