Remember Tony The Elf From ‘Jingle All The Way’? Find Out What He’s Up To Now!


American actor and comedian Danny Woodburn was 32 years old when he played Tony the Elf in the Christmas comedy “Jingle All The Way” back in 1996. In the movie, he was part of an underground Christmas present scheme known as “The North Pole.”

Key Takeaway

Danny Woodburn, who played Tony the Elf in “Jingle All The Way,” was 32 years old at the time. He has also appeared in other Christmas and holiday films.


Danny shared the big screen with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the dad trying to make right by his son, Rita Wilson as the supportive mom, Liz, and Jake Lloyd as the young boy yearning for quality time with his dad, Jamie.

Other Works

Woodburn has also appeared in several other Christmas and holiday films, including “Santa Buddies” and “The Search For Santa Paws.”