R. Kelly Files Lawsuit Against U.S. Prison Officials Over Alleged Information Leak To Blogger Tasha K


R&B singer R. Kelly is taking legal action against the U.S. government and Bureau of Prisons officials, accusing them of leaking his private information to popular Internet blogger Tasha K. Kelly, who is currently incarcerated, claims that multiple Bureau of Prisons employees accessed and shared his personal information, including email correspondence, private phone calls, and visitor logs.

Key Takeaway

R. Kelly has filed a lawsuit accusing U.S. prison officials of leaking his private information to blogger Tasha K. He claims that Bureau of Prisons workers collaborated with Tasha K to publicize his personal matters, resulting in damage to his reputation, invasion of privacy, and emotional distress.

Allegations of Collaboration

R. Kelly and his attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, believe that the prison officials conspired with Tasha K to provide her with sensitive information about Kelly. They suspect that financial motivations were involved in this alleged collaboration. However, Tasha K has already denied any involvement in any illegal activities and addressed these claims publicly prior to the lawsuit.

Impact on Reputation and Privacy

According to R. Kelly, the leaked information has caused substantial harm to his reputation, invaded his privacy, and inflicted significant emotional distress. Tasha K, known for her substantial following on YouTube, allegedly used this confidential information to publish unfavorable articles about the singer.

Accusations of Negligence

In his lawsuit, Kelly asserts that the U.S. government bears responsibility for negligence by allowing its prison personnel to access and disseminate his confidential details. As a result, he is seeking substantial damages for the alleged breach of privacy and emotional distress he has experienced.

Background Information

It is worth noting that the events in question occurred in 2019 while R. Kelly was in custody in Chicago during his federal sex crimes case. Following his conviction in the Chicago case, he was transferred to a federal facility in North Carolina, where he is currently serving a lengthy sentence.