Puppy Bowl XX: Meet The Biggest And Smallest Rescue Puppies Ever


It’s almost time for the big game, but we’re not talking about the Super Bowl. The 20th annual Puppy Bowl is set to feature the most puppies ever, right before they find new homes.

Key Takeaway

The 20th annual Puppy Bowl will showcase the largest and smallest rescue puppies ever, with 131 puppies from 73 animal shelters across 36 states participating in the game.

Meet the Puppies

Dan Schachner, the 13-year Puppy Bowl “Ruff-eree,” shared exciting details about the upcoming event. This year, a total of 131 puppies from 73 animal shelters across 36 states will be participating, marking the largest number of puppies in the game’s history.

Levi the Great Dane

One of the notable participants is Levi the Great Dane, a 3-month-old puppy weighing a whopping 70 pounds. Levi will make an appearance in the 4th quarter, showcasing the diversity of sizes among the adorable contenders.

Sweetpea, the Smallest Pooch

On the opposite end of the scale, the Puppy Bowl will feature its smallest-ever participant, Sweetpea, who weighs a mere 1.7 pounds. Despite her tiny size, Sweetpea is set to play in the first quarter, captivating viewers with her adorable presence.

New Additions and Off-the-Field Jobs

This year, the Puppy Bowl introduces Dan’s assistant “Ruff-eree,” Whistle, a poodle mix rescue. Additionally, viewers can look forward to seeing puppies taking on new off-the-field roles, such as joining the cheerleading squad and operating cameras.

Impact and Adoption Rate

One of the most heartwarming aspects of the Puppy Bowl is its 100% adoption rate. The event serves as a platform for animal shelters to raise awareness and find loving homes for their rescues. Thanks to the upcoming TV broadcast, the Puppy Bowl continues to make a meaningful impact in supporting animal adoption.

Don’t Miss the Cuteness Overload

Puppy Bowl XX is scheduled to air on February 11 on Animal Planet and Discovery+, promising an abundance of cuteness and heartwarming moments as these adorable puppies take center stage.