Pro Wrestler Kurtis ‘Mad Kurt’ Chapman Passes Away At 26


Pro wrestling has lost one of its rising stars, as the news of Kurtis 'Mad Kurt' Chapman's untimely passing at the age of 26 has left the community in mourning. The British wrestling promotion Revolution Pro shared the heartbreaking announcement on Instagram, expressing their deep sorrow over the loss of their dear friend. Chapman, also known as "Mad Kurt," was a beloved figure in the wrestling world, and his sudden departure has left many in shock.

Key Takeaway

The untimely passing of pro wrestler Kurtis 'Mad Kurt' Chapman, known for his comedic flair and technical prowess, has left the wrestling community in mourning. His legacy as a beloved figure in the sport will be fondly remembered and cherished.

A Promising Career Cut Short

Kurtis Chapman, known for his comedic flair and technical prowess in the ring, began his wrestling journey with RevPro in 2014. His magnetic personality and exceptional skills quickly propelled him to stardom within the promotion. During his time with RevPro, he achieved significant milestones, including securing the RevPro Wrestling British Cruiserweight Title in 2017, a testament to his talent and dedication to the sport.

A Fondly Remembered Personality

Chapman's impact extended beyond his in-ring achievements, as fans and fellow wrestlers alike were captivated by his unique sense of humor and charismatic presence. Tributes poured in on social media following the news of his passing, with many highlighting his ability to evoke a range of emotions from those around him. Suge De La Geto, a fellow wrestler, fondly recalled Chapman's one-of-a-kind humor, emphasizing the indelible mark he left on the wrestling community.

Remembering a Wrestling Luminary

Kurtis 'Mad Kurt' Chapman's legacy as a gifted wrestler and a larger-than-life personality will endure in the hearts of those who knew him. While the cause of his passing remains undisclosed, his contributions to the world of professional wrestling will be cherished and celebrated by fans and peers alike. His absence leaves a void in the wrestling community, and he will be deeply missed.