‘Power Book II’ Star Gianni Paolo Slams Airbnb’s $400 Cleaning Fees


‘Power Book II: Ghost’ actor, Gianni Paolo, is not happy with Airbnb’s $400 cleaning fees. Despite earning his fair share playing the wealthy character Brayden Weston on 50 Cent’s hit series, Paolo feels that his hard-earned money is being mismanaged by Airbnb. Taking to TikTok, he expressed his frustrations and called out the platform for their hefty fees.

Key Takeaway

‘Power Book II’ star Gianni Paolo criticizes Airbnb’s $400 cleaning fees, stating that they should cover basic tasks like making the bed and clearing off the counter. The incident sheds light on ongoing disputes within the Airbnb platform and raises questions about the overall value of their services.

A Matter of Principle

According to Paolo, the issue lies in the fact that he is expected to pay an additional $400 on top of the already expensive rental fee for cleaning services. He believes that this fee should cover basic tasks such as making the bed and clearing off the counter. Paolo argues that he is not running a chaotic household but is willing to leave the place in good standing. However, he draws the line at taking out the trash.

In the Midst of Airbnb Disputes

This year, there have been various disputes involving Airbnb. One notable example is the ongoing legal battle between actor Tyrese Gibson and a property owner. The owner claims that Gibson made illegal alterations to the rented property, leading to the conflict. These incidents highlight the need for transparency and fair practices within the Airbnb community.

A Question of Value

Gianni Paolo’s argument is centered around the question of value. He points out that for $400, one could easily book a decent hotel room with housekeeping services included. This prompts reflection on whether Airbnb’s cleaning fees are justified and if they truly align with the level of service provided.