Philadelphia Phillies Fan Crushed By Security After Rushing Onto Field During NLCS Win


In a moment of misguided enthusiasm, a Phillies fan experienced the full force of security after attempting to race onto the field to celebrate his team’s NLCS win. The incident occurred just moments after Philadelphia sealed a resounding 10-0 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 2.

Key Takeaway

An overenthusiastic Philadelphia Phillies fan attempted to rush onto the field to celebrate the team’s NLCS win but was abruptly stopped by a security guard’s textbook tackle. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting boundaries and adhering to stadium rules.

Caught on Video

A fan’s video captures the fan’s ill-advised decision to hop over an outfield wall and sprint across the turf towards the players. However, his sprint was abruptly halted when a security guard, resembling an NFL linebacker, tackled him to the ground with flawless precision. The impact was so forceful that even the Phillies players, basking in their victory a few hundred feet away, couldn’t help but take notice.

The Aftermath

Following the tackle, the fan was immediately surrounded by a swarm of stadium workers. As he managed to get back on his feet, blood could be seen trickling from his mouth. It remains unclear whether the fan was subsequently arrested or faced any further punishment. However, the physical aftermath of the tackle is likely to dissuade him from attempting similar acts in the future.