Pete Davidson Spotted In NYC With Girlfriend Madelyn Cline After Show Cancellations


Pete Davidson, the renowned comedian, was recently spotted in public for the first time following the unexpected cancellation of several of his comedy shows. The actor was seen in New York City accompanied by his girlfriend, Madelyn Cline, marking their first public appearance together since the SNL after-party in October.

Key Takeaway

Pete Davidson was seen in public with girlfriend Madelyn Cline after canceling several comedy shows, sparking curiosity and speculation about the reasons behind the abrupt cancellations.

Pete and Madelyn’s Outing

The couple was captured on video at Bobo’s Café in Somers, NYC, where they were observed perusing the menu and enjoying drinks. Pete, known to be a regular at the café, ordered an iced matcha latte and took a moment to smoke a cigarette while waiting for his beverage.

New Romance

Pete and Madelyn’s relationship began in September, and their recent outing suggests that things are going strong between the two. However, given Pete’s history of brief romances with high-profile individuals, the longevity of this relationship remains to be seen.

Cancelled Shows

The public appearance comes after Pete’s unexpected decision to cancel a series of shows from December 26 to January 4, citing “unforeseen circumstances” as the reason. Disappointed fans were assured prompt refunds following the cancellations. Pete has chosen to remain silent about the situation, opting instead to spend quality time with Madelyn during this unexpected break from his professional commitments.