NFL’s Jevon Holland Scores Big: Free 98-Inch TV And Spokesperson Gig For 99-Yard Touchdown


Jevon Holland, the talented Dolphins safety, not only brought joy to the team and fans with his incredible 99-yard touchdown, but he also received exciting rewards for his outstanding performance. In addition to the glory on the field, Holland’s touchdown resulted in a major upgrade to his entertainment room and a lucrative spokesperson gig.

Key Takeaway

Jevon Holland’s impressive 99-yard touchdown not only earned him the admiration of fans and the satisfaction of victory but also secured him a free 98-inch TV and a spokesperson role. This unexpected reward serves as a testament to his talent and the opportunities that can arise from exceptional performances on the field.

The Ultimate Gameday Upgrade

Unbeknownst to Holland, a preseason promotion called the “Ultimate Gameday Upgrade,” organized by TCL, promised to distribute a million dollars worth of 98-inch TVs if a player scored a touchdown of 98 yards or longer during the Friday Night Football contest. Holland’s astonishing touchdown qualified him as the lucky recipient of one of those coveted TVs.

Besides the impressive television, TCL also offered Holland an exciting opportunity to become their spokesperson, showcasing his charisma and marketability. The 23-year-old rising star, currently still on his rookie contract, revealed his excitement and appreciation for the unexpected rewards, stating, “It was cool! I was excited.”

Fortunate and Grateful

Over the weekend, Holland received heartwarming messages from fans who were also fortunate recipients of the 98-inch TVs as part of the promotional campaign. The overwhelming support and appreciation from the fans left an indelible mark on the young player, describing the outpouring of love as “awesome.”

Luck seemed to be on Holland’s side even further, as he casually mentioned having a wall large enough to accommodate the mammoth TV, albeit with a tight fit. Finding the perfect spot for his new prized possession will surely add to his satisfaction and enjoyment.

A Successful Season and a Praiseworthy Coach

During the conversation, Holland took the time to reflect on the Dolphins’ successful season so far. He expressed admiration for the team’s head coach, Mike McDaniel, describing him as a genuinely authentic leader. Holland’s positive outlook and appreciation for his team’s accomplishments reflect his dedication and eagerness to continue contributing to their success.