Newswire: Lily Gladstone Stands In Solidarity With Union Members Amid Film Release


Lily Gladstone, the breakout star of Martin Scorsese’s highly-anticipated film Killers Of the Flower Moon, is making headlines not only for her remarkable performance but also for her active participation in the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike.

Key Takeaway

Lily Gladstone, the breakout star of Killers Of the Flower Moon, joins her fellow SAG-AFTRA union members in picketing for fair working conditions amid the film’s release. Her dedication to the strike showcases her commitment to both her union and her rising career in Hollywood.

A Stand for Fairness and Solidarity

Amid the film’s release and the critical acclaim Gladstone has been receiving, she took to the streets of New York City on Friday to picket alongside her fellow SAG-AFTRA union members. The actress demonstrated her commitment to her cause with an infectious positive attitude, even capturing moments of her picketing and sharing them on social media.

The support she received from locals was evident as truck drivers and passersby honked their horns in solidarity. Gladstone’s social media posts echo her determination for the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) to strike a fair deal. In one post, she writes, “Hold the line. (It’s okay to dance while you do it.)” Her unwavering dedication to the union and the strike is palpable.

A Clash of Priorities

The timing of Gladstone’s involvement in the strike is particularly noteworthy. While her film, Killers Of the Flower Moon, co-starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, hit theaters this weekend, she is unable to participate in any promotional activities due to the ongoing strike. However, instead of retreating from the limelight, Gladstone is using her platform to advocate for her union.

The striking balance between her commitment to the SAG-AFTRA strike and her rising career is both admirable and significant. Despite being a frontrunner for Best Actress at next year’s Oscars, thanks to her impressive performance in Killers Of the Flower Moon, she remains grounded, highlighting her dedication to her union and the collective effort for fair working conditions in the entertainment industry.

Lily Gladstone: A Rising Star with Substance

Lily Gladstone’s name is likely to resonate in the coming months as her talent and on-screen presence leave an indelible mark in Hollywood. In Killers Of the Flower Moon, she delivers a tour-de-force performance that solidifies her status as a star on the rise. Beyond her acting abilities, Gladstone’s commitment to social and labor issues distinguishes her as someone to watch, a voice for fairness and solidarity within the industry.