Newlywed Chris Evans Confirms Marriage At NYCC, Displays Wedding Band


Chris Evans, the beloved actor known for his role in the ‘Avengers’ franchise, has shattered the hearts of many fans by confirming that he is indeed a married man. The revelation came during his appearance at New York Comic Con (NYCC), where he took part in a Q&A session.

Key Takeaway

Chris Evans has confirmed his marriage at New York Comic Con and proudly displayed his wedding band. The actor alluded to having multiple wedding ceremonies, one on the East Coast and another in Portugal, showcasing the effort they put into planning these events. While Evans didn’t provide specific details about their relationship, it appears that having children is a possibility in the future.

During the event, Evans didn’t shy away from proudly announcing his marital status and even went a step further by showcasing his wedding band to the audience. The actor seemed to be basking in the joy of married life as he shared glimpses of his union with his wife, Alba Baptista.

The couple’s journey down the aisle was not limited to just one ceremony. Evans revealed that they had a wedding on the East Coast, which reportedly took place at his Boston-area home, and another one in Alba’s home country of Portugal. The actor spoke about the diligent planning that went into organizing these special occasions but expressed contentment with their current happily settled state.

While Evans didn’t delve into further details about their relationship, he did mention the possibility of starting a family. As of now, the couple doesn’t have any children, but considering Alba’s young age of 26, it seems that parenthood might be a future consideration for the couple.

This revelation finally puts an end to all the speculation and rumors surrounding Evans’ love life. His relationship with Alba Baptista, an actress, has remained remarkably private, which aligns with his generally low-profile approach to fame.

With this news, Chris Evans joins the ranks of married celebrities, leaving fans around the world swooning a little less. Congratulations to the happy couple!