Newly Single: Antoni Porowski And Kevin Harrington Call Off Engagement


Antoni Porowski, one of the beloved stars of the hit show Queer Eye, has announced his separation from Kevin Harrington, his fiancé, and the end of their engagement. The news comes just a year after the couple announced their decision to tie the knot.

Key Takeaway

Antoni Porowski and Kevin Harrington have called off their engagement, citing differences in their future goals and aspirations. The split was amicable, and both individuals remain focused on their respective careers.

According to sources, the separation was a result of several conversations during their wedding planning process. These discussions made them realize that they wanted different things in life, leading them to mutually agree to part ways. Despite the split, both Antoni and Kevin maintain a deep respect for one another.

A representative for Antoni Porowski shared with People magazine, “While they still have a lot of respect for each other, as they talked more about the future, they realized they were on different paths. They both remain focused on work and are surrounding themselves with friends during this time.”

The couple’s relationship began in July 2019, and they unexpectedly decided to move in together in Austin, Texas, less than six months later due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This change appeared to strengthen their bond and brought them closer together.

Up until recently, things seemed idyllic for Antoni and Kevin. In September, Antoni enjoyed a bachelor weekend at Blackberry Mountain in Walland, TN, with close friends such as his Queer Eye co-star Tan France, Gigi Hadid, and Benji Pasek, indicating that wedding preparations were well underway.

The engagement between Antoni and Kevin was officially announced in November 2022. Antoni even shared a photo of them together, jokingly expressing his hope for less blurry wedding photos.

Although the pair’s love story has reached its end, both Antoni Porowski and Kevin Harrington are determined to focus on their careers and surround themselves with the support of friends during this time of transition and personal growth.