New Revelation: Tiffany Gomas Sets The Record Straight On Viral Plane Freak-Out


The internet was captivated by the viral video of Tiffany Gomas freaking out on a plane, with many speculating that she had seen something supernatural or unexplained. However, Gomas recently appeared on the “Pardon My Take” podcast to finally reveal the truth behind her outburst.

Key Takeaway

Tiffany Gomas has finally revealed the truth behind her viral plane freak-out. Contrary to popular belief, she did not see anything supernatural or unexplained. Her emotional outburst was a result of a heated argument with another passenger, and she is eager to move on from the incident.

Not What It Seemed

Gomas admitted that she didn’t actually see anything out of the ordinary on the plane that day. Contrary to popular belief, her infamous “not real” line was simply a result of her emotions running high during a heated argument with another passenger.

In the interview, Gomas explained that she was highly distressed and caught up in the moment. The words that came out of her mouth were not a reflection of any supernatural experience, but rather a reflection of her emotional state at that time.

A Moment of Embarrassment

Gomas expressed that her viral outburst is not something she is proud of. She feels a deep sense of embarrassment over the fact that millions of people witnessed the incident. The video gained significant attention, leading to numerous conspiracy theories about what she had witnessed on the plane.

Despite the plethora of theories circulating, Gomas made it clear that she is not interested in entertaining the speculations. She simply wants to move on from the incident and put it behind her.

Clearing the Air

This recent podcast interview marks the first time Gomas has provided details about what truly happened on that flight. Previously, she had been quite reserved in sharing information, leaving people curious and eager to know the full story.

Now that Gomas has cleared the air, it is evident that the viral plane freak-out was a false alarm. Although it provided a captivating mystery for a while, the truth is far less exciting than the theories that circulated online.