New Mexico State’s Robert Carpenter Ejected For Punching Opponent In The Face During Game


New Mexico State’s men’s basketball team player, Robert Carpenter, was ejected from a game after throwing a punch at his opponent, Shiloh Robinson, during a heated moment on the court. The incident occurred during a game against Liberty, and the violent act has sparked controversy and raised concerns about Carpenter’s future in the league.

Key Takeaway

Robert Carpenter's ejection from the game due to his physical altercation has raised concerns about his future in the league, with his coach expressing disapproval and anticipating a suspension. The incident has sparked controversy and highlighted the repercussions of such behavior in sports.

The Incident

  • The altercation took place with about 12 minutes remaining in the first half of the game.
  • Carpenter and Robinson were involved in a physical confrontation while vying for a rebound.
  • Carpenter threw a right hook, striking Robinson in the face, resulting in his immediate ejection from the game.

Coach’s Response

Following the game, New Mexico State’s coach, Jason Hooten, expressed his disapproval of Carpenter’s actions, deeming them unacceptable. Hooten also acknowledged the likelihood of Carpenter facing a suspension as a consequence of his behavior. Despite recognizing Carpenter’s remorse, Hooten emphasized that such conduct has no place in the game.

Consequences and Future Status

  • Carpenter will not participate in the upcoming game against Jacksonville State, and his status beyond that remains uncertain.
  • Carpenter, a key player for the Aggies, has been averaging 9.7 points and 3.9 rebounds per game this season.