New England Patriots Urged To Re-Sign Tom Brady By Asante Samuel


Former New England Patriots player, Asante Samuel, has recently made a bold statement urging the team to re-sign legendary quarterback Tom Brady. Samuel believes that if Brady were to return to the Patriots, he would almost certainly lead them to their eighth Super Bowl victory this season.

Key Takeaway

Asante Samuel, a former player for the New England Patriots, has voiced his opinion on the team’s current struggles and believes that re-signing Tom Brady is the solution. Samuel argues that Brady’s return would greatly improve the team’s chances of winning another Super Bowl, citing Brady’s historic success with the Patriots. Samuel also questions head coach Bill Belichick’s ability to replace Brady and suggests that changes may be needed within the organization.

The State of the 2023 Patriots

The Patriots’ current record of 1-4 and a recent devastating 38-0 loss to the New Orleans Saints have sparked criticism and disappointment among fans and analysts. Samuel, commenting on the team’s poor performance, argues that it is evidence of head coach Bill Belichick’s failure to replicate the success achieved when Brady was part of the team.

Samuel points out that the drop-off in performance is significant when Brady is absent from the roster and questions why a supposedly great coach cannot find a suitable replacement. He goes on to suggest that the Patriots’ struggles could be turned around if Brady were to return and lead the team.

Brady’s Impact on the Patriots

Having played with both Belichick and Brady from 2003 to 2007, Samuel credits Brady as the driving force behind the Patriots’ past successes. He compares the current team to the 2015 Super Bowl champions, stating that the only difference is the absence of Brady. Samuel firmly believes that Brady’s presence would greatly improve the team’s performance and potentially lead them to another Super Bowl victory.

Furthermore, Samuel suggests that Patriots owner Robert Kraft should consider reassessing Belichick’s power within the organization, given the team’s recent struggles. With Brady no longer in the picture, Samuel implies that Belichick’s coaching abilities are being exposed and that changes may be necessary for the team’s future success.