Ne-Yo Praises Usher’s Super Bowl Halftime Show As Top 5 Of All Time


Usher’s Super Bowl LVIII halftime show has received high praise from R&B artist Ne-Yo, who considers it to be among the top five halftime performances of all time. Ne-Yo expressed his admiration for Usher’s performance, which took place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, applauding the singer’s vocal prowess, dance moves, and skating skills.

Key Takeaway

Ne-Yo lauds Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show as one of the top five performances in the history of the event, joining a chorus of praise from fellow artists and fans.

Ne-Yo’s Approval

Ne-Yo, who was in attendance at the Big Game, shared his positive review of Usher’s halftime show, stating, “I liked it! I liked it a lot!” The “Miss Independent” singer’s endorsement adds to the widespread acclaim that Usher’s performance has garnered.

Support from Janelle Monae

Joining Ne-Yo in praising Usher’s halftime spectacle is Janelle Monae, who expressed her admiration for the performance and suggested that it solidifies Usher’s position among music’s greatest of all time (GOATs).

Varied Reactions

While Usher’s halftime show received widespread acclaim, there were also contrasting opinions, with boxing star Gervonta Davis expressing disapproval of Usher’s interaction with Alicia Keys during their performance of “My Boo.” However, the overall positive reception from industry peers and fans indicates that Usher’s halftime show was a resounding success.