Nate Diaz Gifts His Fighters Iced-Out Pendants: Welcome To The Crew!


Nate Diaz, the MMA legend, has shown his appreciation for his fighters by presenting them with stylish iced-out pendants. These lavish gifts signify a warm welcome to the “Real Fight Inc.” promotion that Diaz recently launched.

Key Takeaway

MMA legend Nate Diaz has gifted his fighters with extraordinary iced-out pendants as a token of appreciation and welcome to the Real Fight Inc. promotion. These custom-made pendants feature impressive designs and are adorned with high-quality diamonds and gold. Diaz’s dedication to his promotion is evident, as he continues to pursue his passion for combat sports in various disciplines.

Diaz spared no expense in ensuring that his fighters feel valued and recognized. He collaborated with the renowned Ice Box shop to create these one-of-a-kind pieces. Each pendant boasts an impressive design that incorporates two-toned features and is adorned with nearly 10 carats of VS diamonds and over 50 grams of gold. Additionally, a matching 14K gold rope chain accompanies each pendant.

While the specific fighters who will receive these opulent gifts have not been disclosed, it is worth mentioning that several formidable individuals, excluding Diaz himself, are associated with Real Fight Inc. These fighters include Chris Avila, Alan Sanchez, Jose Sguayo, and Luciano Ramos.

Nate Diaz has been wholeheartedly dedicated to his promotion since parting ways with the UFC in the previous year. His aspirations in the world of boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) have led him to establish his own venture.

“I said when I transitioned, I was going to delve into my own promotion, just like Jake was doing with Most Valuable Promotions (MVP),” Diaz revealed during an appearance on Full Send.

Clearly, Diaz wasted no time following through on his intentions as he promptly took charge of his new business venture, feeling a sense of ownership right from the start.

Furthermore, Diaz has emphasized that his involvement in his promotional endeavors will not interfere with his career as a fighter. In fact, he expressed a strong desire for a rematch with Jake Paul, with whom he had a memorable bout in August. Diaz has proposed a December rematch and remains focused on balancing his roles as both a promoter and a fighter.

Nate Diaz’s determination to provide his fighters with grand gestures of appreciation highlights the importance he places on building a strong and supportive fighting community within Real Fight Inc. These iced-out pendants not only symbolize the fighters’ entry into the promotion but also serve as a reminder of their commitment to excellence and their contribution to the world of combat sports.