Murray The Magician Expresses Concerns Over Tropicana Closure Impact On Las Vegas Entertainers


One of the most renowned casino resorts in Las Vegas, the Tropicana, has recently announced its impending closure, and this decision has raised concerns, particularly among the city’s entertainers. The closure, scheduled for April, is part of the preparations for the construction of a new baseball stadium for the Las Vegas Athletics, a Major League Baseball team relocating from Oakland.

Key Takeaway

Murray the Magician, a long-time headliner at the Tropicana, has expressed worries about the potential challenges that the closure may pose for performers in Las Vegas.

Impact on Las Vegas Entertainers

Murray The Magician, known for his residency at the Tropicana, has voiced his apprehensions, highlighting the potential difficulties that entertainers may face due to the closure. With the highly competitive nature of the Las Vegas entertainment scene, the closure of the Tropicana, which currently hosts numerous shows, could lead to increased competition for limited performance venues.

Historical Significance of the Tropicana

Besides the immediate impact on performers, Murray emphasized the historical significance of the Tropicana as a launching pad for many Las Vegas entertainers. Notably, the property has played a pivotal role in shaping the entertainment landscape of Sin City, having hosted iconic acts such as Siegfried and Roy, whose influence extended to the development of renowned shows like Cirque du Soleil.

Residency and Relocation

Murray, who currently performs at the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana, also shed light on the potential challenges that entertainers may encounter if relocation plans do not materialize as expected. While there are reports of some tribute shows finding new venues, uncertainties remain for performers like Murray, underscoring the potential difficulties that may arise in the wake of the Tropicana’s closure.