Mischa Barton Reveals She Dated Ben McKenzie While On ‘The O.C.’


Mischa Barton, the former star of ‘The O.C.’, has recently made a surprising revelation about her time on the show. In a podcast interview on “Call Her Daddy,” Barton claimed that she dated her co-star Ben McKenzie during their time on the hit TV series. This revelation has sparked a lot of interest and raised some eyebrows, especially due to the alleged circumstances surrounding their relationship.

Key Takeaway

Mischa Barton’s disclosure about her relationship with Ben McKenzie during their time on ‘The O.C.’ has sparked significant interest and raised questions about the dynamics of on-set romances and the challenges faced by young actors in the entertainment industry.

Complicated Relationship

Barton disclosed that the relationship with McKenzie was particularly complicated because she was underage at the time. She stated that she was 17 years old when the relationship began, while McKenzie, who is a few years older, was in his mid-20s. This significant age difference has brought attention to the potential legal implications of their romance.

Onscreen Romance Transcends Reality

According to Barton, the romantic relationship between her and McKenzie on the show extended into real life. She revealed that their off-screen romance started early on in the series, shedding light on the blurred lines between fiction and reality for the young actors.

Challenges and Concerns

The actress also mentioned that the age gap between her and McKenzie had raised concerns among the show’s producers. Barton claimed that the producers had even contacted her parents about the situation, turning it into what she described as a “whole ordeal.”

Growth and Reflection

Barton’s revelations provide a glimpse into the challenges she faced while working on ‘The O.C.’ as a young actor. She expressed that the experience forced her to mature quickly, navigating complex relationships and situations in the spotlight of fame.