Mike Francesa Slams NFL For Airing Playoff Game Exclusively On Peacock


Legendary NY sports radio host Mike Francesa expressed his strong disapproval of the NFL’s decision to exclusively stream the Chiefs vs. Dolphins playoff game on a paid streaming platform, Peacock, rather than on free TV. Francesa accused the league of prioritizing profit over its loyal fanbase, criticizing the move as a greedy money grab.

Key Takeaway

Mike Francesa’s strong condemnation of the NFL’s decision to stream a playoff game exclusively on a paid platform reflects the widespread frustration among fans and players, highlighting the potential disconnect between the league and its dedicated fanbase.

Questioning the NFL’s Decision

Frustration Among Fans and Players

The move has sparked frustration not only among fans but also within the NFL player community. Chiefs DE Charles Omenihu labeled the decision as “insane,” echoing the sentiments of many disappointed fans who feel alienated by the shift to a paid platform for such a highly anticipated game.

Outcry Against the Peacock Decision

Francesa’s criticism resonates with the sentiments of numerous fans who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the NFL’s choice to air the playoff game exclusively on Peacock. The decision stands in stark contrast to the traditional airing of Wild Card games on major broadcast networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX, further fueling the outcry and disappointment among football enthusiasts.