Mikal Bridges: The Chipotle Enthusiast


NBA star Mikal Bridges recently made a surprising revelation during an interview with GQ Sports. The 27-year-old athlete, currently playing for the Brooklyn Nets, disclosed that he has been a loyal patron of the popular fast-food chain Chipotle for the past decade. This daily ritual has been a constant in his life, even as he has risen to prominence in the basketball world, maintaining an average of 21.1 points per game.

Key Takeaway

NBA player Mikal Bridges has revealed his extraordinary commitment to Chipotle, having consumed meals from the chain every day for the past 10 years. His dedication and potential partnership speculation have garnered significant attention.

Commitment to Chipotle

During the interview, Bridges expressed his unwavering commitment to Chipotle, emphasizing that the food never fails to impress him. He described the meals as “too fire to not have it every single time,” highlighting his unwavering loyalty to the chain.

Despite his daily visits, Bridges emphasized that his Chipotle orders are on the healthier side. He detailed his preferred meal, consisting of white rice, double chicken, salsa, corn, and lettuce, without any additional toppings. Notably, he mentioned that he used to enjoy spicy food, but his taste buds have since changed, bidding farewell to the hot sauce with a smile.

Potential Partnership?

With Bridges’ public declaration of his decade-long daily Chipotle habit, speculation has arisen regarding a potential partnership between the NBA star and the popular fast-food chain. While it remains unclear whether Chipotle is aware of Bridges’ devotion to their products, the revelation may pave the way for an exciting collaboration in the near future.