Mark Cuban Eyes Emma Grede As Potential Replacement On ‘Shark Tank’


Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman and star of the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” recently announced his departure after 16 seasons. While bidding farewell, he is already on the lookout for his potential successor, and he has his eyes set on a familiar face.

Key Takeaway

Mark Cuban believes that Emma Grede, co-founder of SKIMS and Good American, would be an excellent replacement on “Shark Tank.” Her entrepreneurial brilliance, knack for helping companies grow, and natural ability to connect with others make her a strong candidate for the role.

Cuban believes that Emma Grede, the co-founder of fashion empires SKIMS and Good American, would be an excellent choice to fill his shoes. Having previously guest-starred on the show, Grede showcased her skills and impressed Cuban with her entrepreneurial brilliance and ability to help companies grow.

Not only does Grede possess business acumen, but she also has a natural talent for connecting with others. Her television charisma adds another layer to her appeal as a potential full-time Shark. Cuban expresses his enthusiasm for Grede taking on the role, although auditions to find his replacement have not yet begun.

In addition to his departure from “Shark Tank,” Cuban has recently announced that he is selling his majority stake in the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, a team he bought in 2000. This move signifies a significant shift in his professional endeavors.

Cuban explains that his decision to leave “Shark Tank” stems from a desire to spend more time with his family. Traditionally, he films the show during the summer, which coincides with his family vacation. With his children rapidly approaching adulthood, Cuban wants to cherish the remaining time they have together.

Despite the show encroaching on his personal time, Cuban cherishes the impact “Shark Tank” has had on the next generation of entrepreneurs. From what it represents to the opportunities it provides, Cuban acknowledges the significance of the show in fostering innovation and business success.

As fans eagerly await the announcement of Cuban’s replacement on “Shark Tank,” the prospect of Emma Grede taking on the role has generated considerable excitement. With her proven track record and charismatic presence, Grede could bring a fresh perspective and expertise to the iconic entrepreneurship show.