Mandy Rose Opens Up About Her Lucrative OnlyFans Modeling Career


Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose, also known as Amanda Saccomanno, is making waves and earning a significant amount of money through her venture into OnlyFans modeling. Despite facing controversy and being released from the WWE due to leaked racy images from her previous subscription site, Rose has embraced her new career path wholeheartedly.

Key Takeaway

Mandy Rose is experiencing financial success and personal fulfillment through her OnlyFans career, which has provided her with the financial freedom to support her family and explore new opportunities.

Reflecting on her journey as an adult model, Rose expressed her gratitude for the immense support she has received. Not only has she been thriving financially, but she has also experienced personal and mental growth, allowing her to spend more quality time with her family and engage in new ventures previously beyond her imagination.

While acknowledging the impact WWE had on her career, Rose wants her fellow wrestlers to understand that it is not the sole determining factor for success. She appreciates the ability to document all aspects of her life and interact closely with her dedicated fans through OnlyFans, as well as the monetary benefits that come with it.

In fact, Rose revealed that she is using her income to help her family with their business as they navigate a relocation. This newfound financial freedom has been truly life-changing for her and has allowed her to contribute to her family’s business while also paving the way for her own future.

Regarding her wrestling career, Rose mentions that she still holds great love for the sport, leaving fans eager to hear more about her thoughts on this matter. Her success outside the ring shows that there are ample opportunities for wrestlers to explore alternative paths and find fulfillment beyond their time in the squared circle.

Mandy Rose’s foray into OnlyFans modeling has proven to be not only lucrative but transformative. She is grateful for the financial stability it has brought her, allowing her to support her family and pursue her dreams while remaining engaged with her loyal followers. As she continues to navigate her future, it is clear that Rose is determined to make the most of her newfound freedom and success.