Mama June Addresses Drug Use Speculation On TikTok Live


Mama June has taken to TikTok to address rumors and speculation about her alleged drug use during a recent live stream. The reality TV star, who has been open about her past struggles with substance abuse, vehemently denied the accusations, asserting that she has been sober since January 27, 2020. She emphasized that she has refrained from drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol, and is committed to maintaining her sobriety.

Key Takeaway

Mama June adamantly denies allegations of drug use during a recent TikTok live stream, emphasizing her sustained sobriety and commitment to staying clean.

Setting the Record Straight

During the live stream, Mama June engaged in a candid monologue while addressing negative comments directed at her. Some viewers raised concerns as she intermittently moved out of the camera’s frame, prompting speculation about her behavior. However, Mama June clarified that she was simply cooking and bending down to read the incoming comments, a task made challenging by her impaired vision in her right eye.

She also revealed that she undergoes weekly drug tests as a requirement for the production of her show, “Mama June: From Not to Hot,” and has consistently passed these tests. Mama June expressed her unwavering commitment to maintaining her sobriety, emphasizing that she takes personal responsibility for staying clean.

Addressing Past Struggles

Mama June’s battle with drug addiction has been well-documented, including a highly publicized arrest in 2019 for felony drug possession with her ex-partner, Geno Doak. Her journey to sobriety has been punctuated by family interventions and personal challenges, underscoring the significance of her recent assertions regarding her commitment to maintaining a drug-free lifestyle.