Leonardo DiCaprio Celebrates 49th Birthday With An A-List Bash


All-Star Guest List for DiCaprio’s Exclusive Birthday Party

Leonardo DiCaprio, Hollywood heartthrob and Academy Award winner, had a night to remember as he celebrated his 49th birthday in style. The star-studded bash took place at a glamorous event space in Beverly Hills, and the guest list was nothing short of impressive.

Key Takeaway

Leonardo DiCaprio pulled out all the stops for his 49th birthday party, hosting an exclusive gathering attended by an impressive lineup of celebrities. The star-studded event left fans wondering about the presence of DiCaprio’s girlfriend, Vittoria Ceretti, and showcased Salma Hayek’s dedication to both charity and celebrating her friend’s milestone.

The birthday extravaganza saw a slew of A-list celebrities in attendance. From music sensation Lady Gaga to actress Salma Hayek, and even rap icon Snoop Dogg, the party boasted an array of star power. Other notable guests included Kate Beckinsale, Zoe Saldaña, Chris Rock, and many more.

Kate Beckinsale turned heads with her stunning ensemble, adorned with sparkling diamonds accentuating her waist. However, one guest who managed to evade paparazzi was none other than the birthday boy himself, Leonardo DiCaprio. Known for his elusive nature, DiCaprio made a grand entrance, ensuring that all eyes were on him throughout the night.

Though it remains unknown whether his current girlfriend, Vittoria Ceretti, joined in the festivities, it wouldn’t be surprising considering their close relationship. The couple often attends events together, and their presence at DiCaprio’s birthday party would have undoubtedly added to the glamour of the evening.

It’s worth noting that Salma Hayek had a jam-packed night as well. Prior to attending DiCaprio’s birthday bash, she graced the Baby2Baby Gala, a charitable event dedicated to supporting underprivileged children. Hayek was honored with the Giving Tree Award, showcasing her commitment to philanthropy alongside her celebration of DiCaprio’s special day.