Lauren Sanchez Shows Off New ‘Mrs. B’ Necklace At Dinner With Fiancé Jeff Bezos


Lauren Sanchez, the former TV anchor and fiancée of billionaire Jeff Bezos, was spotted wearing a stunning new piece of jewelry during a dinner date at Nobu in Malibu. The 20-karat engagement ring, rumored to be worth $2.5 million, wasn’t the only eye-catching accessory on display. Sanchez wore a delicate gold necklace with the initials “Mrs. B,” adding a touch of charm to her ensemble.

Key Takeaway

Lauren Sanchez turned heads with her new “Mrs. B” necklace, adding a personal touch to her elegant dinner ensemble. As she and Jeff Bezos prepare to embark on new chapters in their lives, their engagement and impending move to Miami Beach mark the beginning of an exciting journey for the power couple.

The meaning behind the “B” remains a mystery, with speculations pointing to either “Bezos” or “billionaire.” Regardless, the necklace drew attention to Sanchez’s décolletage, perfectly complementing her chic all-black outfit and stylish pink-lined coat.

New Beginnings

Sanchez and Bezos are clearly reveling in their engagement, as evidenced by their recent Western-themed photoshoot for Vogue. In an interview with the fashion magazine, Sanchez revealed that they haven’t made any progress with wedding planning yet, indicating a focus on other matters.

One of those matters is their upcoming cross-country move. Bezos recently announced their plans to relocate from Seattle to Indian Creek Island in Miami Beach, marking a significant transition for the couple. Seattle holds deep significance for Bezos, as it is where he founded his iconic tech company.

A Move and a Vessel

As they prepare to bid farewell to Seattle, Bezos’ impressive $500 million superyacht is now docked in Ft. Lauderdale, serving as a symbol of their impending move. The couple is sure to bring their signature style and sophistication to their new home, just as they have done throughout their relationship.