Lady Gaga Surprises Fans With ‘Shallow’ Performance Alongside U2 At Las Vegas Sphere


Lady Gaga, the renowned pop sensation, delivered an unexpected and breathtaking performance at the Sphere in Las Vegas. The surprise appearance took place during U2’s show, where Gaga graced the stage with her hit track from “A Star Is Born” – the sensational song, “Shallow.”

Key Takeaway

Lady Gaga’s surprise performance alongside U2 at the Las Vegas Sphere has left fans in sheer astonishment. This unexpected collaboration showcases the unparalleled talent and versatility of both artists, creating an enchanting and unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

The electrifying collaboration between Gaga and U2’s frontman, Bono, left the audience in awe at the one-of-a-kind venue on Wednesday night. As the timeless lyrics of “Shallow” filled the air, fans couldn’t hold back their excitement and enthusiastically joined in, creating an unforgettable moment as they belted out the chorus of the Oscar-winning track.

A Legendary Encore

But the surprises did not end there. Lady Gaga also joined U2 to perform their 1988 hit, “All I Want Is You.” The crowd erupted with joy and frenzy once again, witnessing the harmonious fusion of two iconic music forces.

This recent collaboration between Gaga and U2 adds another remarkable chapter to their history. In 2015, Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance during U2’s “Innocence + Experience Tour,” captivating fans with her rendition of “Ordinary Love.”

Lady Gaga’s impromptu performance at the Sphere follows her recent on-stage appearance with the Rolling Stones in New York. Additionally, she made a brief yet memorable cameo appearance on Bad Bunny’s episode of “Saturday Night Live.”

If U2 intends to make surprise appearances a regular occurrence during their Sphere residency, they will undoubtedly have a challenging time surpassing the electrifying presence and immense talent of Lady Gaga.