KRS-One Declines LL Cool J’s HipHop50 Grammy’s Invite, Citing Lack Of Respect For Grammys


KRS-One, a prominent figure in the world of hip hop, has made a bold statement by refusing an invitation to the HipHop50 celebration, organized by LL Cool J, due to his strong stance against the Grammy Awards. The renowned artist expressed his clear disapproval of the Grammys and their treatment of the hip hop genre, which has led to his decision to abstain from participating in the event.

Key Takeaway

KRS-One’s refusal to attend the HipHop50 celebration, organized by LL Cool J, sheds light on the ongoing debate surrounding the Grammy Awards’ treatment of the hip hop genre, emphasizing the need for genuine recognition and respect within the music industry.

KRS-One’s Stand

Despite the star-studded nature of the HipHop50 celebration, featuring both established and emerging talents such as Will Smith, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, and Nelly, KRS-One opted to decline the invitation extended by LL Cool J. In an interview with Harold St. Louis, KRS-One emphasized that his refusal was not a reflection of any animosity towards LL Cool J, but rather a principled objection to the Grammys’ historical neglect of the hip hop community.

Critical View of the Grammys

At 58 years old, KRS-One openly acknowledges his unwavering dedication to the hip hop culture. He firmly asserts that without the core elements of hip hop, including emceeing, deejaying, graffiti, or breaking, the Grammys merely engage in superficial imitation and fail to authentically represent the essence of the genre. His refusal to participate in the HipHop50 celebration serves as a poignant rebuke to the Recording Academy for what he perceives as a belated and insincere attempt to embrace hip hop after decades of neglect.

Reactions Within the Hip Hop Community

KRS-One’s bold stance has drawn attention within the hip hop community, with parallels being drawn to MC Hammer’s rejection of a similar invitation to the event. Both artists’ decisions reflect a shared sentiment of disillusionment with the current state of hip hop and its portrayal within mainstream platforms such as the Grammys. KRS-One’s unwavering stance serves as a testament to the deeply rooted concerns regarding the recognition and treatment of hip hop within the music industry.