Kroy Biermann Sticking To Divorce Plans Despite Recent Sexual Encounter With Kim Zolciak


Kroy Biermann is standing his ground when it comes to his decision to proceed with his divorce from Kim Zolciak, despite their recent sexual encounter. The retired NFL player has made it clear that their intimate moment does not indicate a desire to reconcile, and he remains steadfast in his determination to end their marriage.

Key Takeaway

Kroy Biermann is resolute in his decision to divorce Kim Zolciak, despite having had sex with her recently.

In response to Kim’s claims that their divorce petition is a sham due to their living arrangements and sexual activity, Kroy has filed legal documents asserting that these factors do not change his position. He is committed to selling their Georgia mansion and relocating with their children, as he believes their current situation has become toxic for their kids.

According to the obtained legal documents, their home is facing foreclosure in November, and Kroy accuses Kim of deliberately prolonging the divorce proceedings to impede him from selling the property to address their substantial debts.

Kroy emphasizes that his encounter with Kim does not alter his determination to move forward with the divorce. He highlights the ongoing conflicts between them, including Kim’s reported calls to the authorities four times in the past four months, with their youngest daughter allegedly witnessing the most recent incident.

As the situation unfolds, it is evident that Kroy Biermann remains resolute in his decision to pursue a divorce from Kim Zolciak, prioritizing the best interests of their children and aiming to create a healthier environment for them.