Kristen Welker Gets Donald Trump To Admit He Needed Votes To Win In ‘MTP’ Debut


Kristen Welker made her debut as the new host of ‘Meet the Press’ and wasted no time in getting Donald Trump to admit that he needed votes to win the 2020 election. In a wide-ranging interview, Welker confronted the former President about his refusal to accept the election results, leading to an intriguing exchange.

Key Takeaway

Kristen Welker’s debut on ‘Meet the Press’ saw her skillfully challenge Donald Trump on his refusal to accept the 2020 election results. The interview revealed Trump’s admission that he needed additional votes to secure victory, although he steadfastly maintained his claims of election interference.

Welker’s Tough Question

During the interview, Welker pointed out Trump’s previous statements where he claimed he only needed a few thousand votes in each state to secure victory. She also mentioned his alleged attempts to pressure Secretaries of State to “find” votes. Trump acknowledged the accuracy of these claims, prompting Welker to ask the crucial question, “When you say you needed one-tenth of a point, you needed one-tenth of a point to win?”. Trump reluctantly conceded that he indeed required additional votes to emerge victorious.

Trump’s Response

As Welker pressed further, asking if this admission meant he did not actually win the election, Trump grew defensive and insisted that it was rigged against him. Despite Welker’s persistent questioning, Trump refused to admit defeat, doubling down on his claims of electoral interference.

Other Highlights of the Interview

In addition to the discussion about needing votes, Welker also asked Trump about his concerns regarding potential legal consequences he might face, including the possibility of going to prison. Trump brushed off the question, stating that he did not even think about it.

It is worth noting that Welker and NBC faced criticism for granting Trump a platform and the interview itself. However, considering Trump’s status as a potential Republican nominee and his continued newsworthiness, the decision to interview him was deemed justifiable.

As Kristen Welker takes the helm of ‘Meet the Press,’ her hard-hitting interview with Donald Trump sets the tone for her tenure as a formidable news anchor. With her insightful questioning and ability to elicit revealing responses, Welker proves herself as a competent and assertive host.