Kirk Franklin And Plies Consider Collaboration After Years Of Twinning Memes


Kirk Franklin, the renowned gospel music legend, is making headlines as he enters discussions with rapper Plies for a surprising collaboration. Despite the years of internet memes comparing their appearances, it seems Kirk Franklin is ready to embrace the humor and take this unexpected opportunity.

Key Takeaway

Kirk Franklin is in talks with rapper Plies for a potential collaboration, finally embracing the internet’s long-standing comparison between their appearances. Despite the initial humor, Kirk Franklin recognizes the opportunity to make a positive impact on the Miami community alongside Plies, who he praises for his insightful social media commentary.

A Hilarious Prank Turns into a Potential Collaboration

During a recent radio interview with “The Morning Hustle” crew, Kirk Franklin walked into the studio only to be greeted by a billboard featuring his name alongside Plies’ face. The internet has long pointed out the striking resemblance between the two artists, and Kirk Franklin decided to take it in good humor.

While many might struggle to tell them apart at first glance, Kirk Franklin sees this as a chance to not only collaborate but also make a positive impact on the Miami community. He has been in contact with Plies and has praised his insightful social media commentary, recognizing that he genuinely cares about making a difference.

The Meeting of Platinum-Selling Artists

If the collaboration goes ahead, it will bring together two accomplished artists with numerous platinum-selling records. Not only will it be an exciting moment for their fans, but it will also challenge the ongoing misconception that Kirk Franklin and Plies are the same person.

This is not the first time Plies has reached out to Kirk Franklin. In the past, he had invited him to join him at the infamous King Of Diamonds strip club, an invitation that Kirk Franklin declined, determined to stay true to his faith.