Kirk Cousins Shows Off New Gold Grill, Plans To “Add Some Bling!”


Kirk Cousins, the Minnesota Vikings quarterback, recently revealed his new gold grill on Instagram, crediting Dr. Ryan Lebster for the “great work.” The dental accessory, made of titanium and gold, is not yet complete, as Dr. Lebster plans to further enhance its appearance.

Key Takeaway

Kirk Cousins, the Minnesota Vikings quarterback, has unveiled his new gold grill, made of titanium and gold. While already impressive, his dentist plans to further enhance the grill’s appearance with additional “bling.”

Kirk’s New Bling

Dr. Lebster, a seasoned dentist with over 20 years of experience, shared that Cousins approached him during the NFL season to commission the grill. Cousins visited Dr. Lebster’s Michigan office to try on the grill, expressing his satisfaction with the result. The grills are made from durable titanium with a gold finish, crafted using digital techniques for efficiency.

Future Plans

Despite the current appeal of the grills, Dr. Lebster revealed that he intends to further embellish the mouthpiece, adding more “bling” to the design. While the price of Kirk’s grill remains undisclosed, Dr. Lebster hinted that it could cost a few thousand dollars.

From Chains to Grillz

Kirk Cousins’ fondness for jewelry became evident in previous seasons when he sported his teammates’ iced-out chains after a Vikings victory. This new addition to his style has garnered admiration from Vikings fans, leading to the quarterback being affectionately dubbed “Kirko Chainz” and now, “Kirko Grillz!”