Kevin James Utilizes Viral ‘King Of Queens’ Meme To Promote Comedy Tour


Kevin James, the renowned actor and comedian, has found a clever way to leverage his newfound internet meme popularity. With the recent surge in popularity of a meme featuring an old promotional headshot of James from his beloved TV sitcom ‘King of Queens,’ he has decided to use this viral image to promote his upcoming standup comedy tour.

Key Takeaway

Kevin James capitalizes on the viral nature of a ‘King of Queens’ meme featuring an old promotional headshot of himself to promote his upcoming comedy tour. By embracing the meme and referencing it in his tour announcement, James aims to capitalize on its widespread popularity and convert it into ticket sales.

Making Waves on Social Media

Just recently, Kevin James took to social media to share the iconic meme, much to the delight of his fans across various online platforms. The meme features James shrugging with both hands in his pockets and sporting a sheepish grin, encapsulating the essence of his character from ‘King of Queens’ in the ’90s.

An Internet Sensation

The image of James has quickly become the focal point of countless hilarious memes circulating on social media. The popularity of these memes has not gone unnoticed by the stars of the original show. Leah Remini, James’ co-star from ‘King of Queens,’ has expressed her adoration for the memes, joining in on the fun.

The ‘Double Hands In The Pocket’ Tour

In line with the meme’s widespread popularity, Kevin James has cleverly integrated it into his promotional efforts for his upcoming comedy tour. He announced the launch of his “Double Hands In The Pocket” tour in a post where he unveils his sheepish grin and invites fans to join him at a city near them.

Cities to Visit

Kevin James has lined up a series of shows that will take him to various locations across the United States. Fans in Missouri, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Florida, and Las Vegas will have the opportunity to catch his uproarious comedic performances. The question now becomes whether the meme’s popularity will translate into a surge in ticket sales for his tour.