Ken Hudson Campbell’s Cancer Removal Surgery Successful


Actor Ken Hudson Campbell, best known for his role as Santa in the iconic film “Home Alone,” has received positive news following his recent cancer removal surgery. The procedure, aimed at removing the spreading cancer in his mouth, has been declared a success.

Key Takeaway

Actor Ken Hudson Campbell, known for his role in “Home Alone,” has undergone successful cancer removal surgery in his mouth. While more treatment is ahead, including reconstructive surgery, radiation, and possibly chemotherapy, he is on the road to recovery.

The Surgery and Current Progress

Ken Hudson Campbell underwent surgery on Thursday morning, and his daughter, Michaela, has revealed that the operation went smoothly. Although he remains in intensive care for the next 2-3 days, he is awake and showing great signs of recovery. The actor will subsequently be transferred to regular inpatient hospital care for about a week. However, his complete recuperation is estimated to take around six weeks, allowing him to resume his normal daily activities.

Previous Diagnosis and Support

In October, Ken received a cancer diagnosis after a tumor developed on the bottom of his mouth and began impacting his teeth. Michaela set up a GoFundMe campaign to assist her father, as he lost his SAG-AFTRA health insurance during the pandemic. The campaign has garnered immense support, with donations exceeding $96,000, nearing the $100,000 goal. Esteemed figures such as Jeff Garlin, Tim Meadows, Bill Prady, and Steve Carell have contributed to the cause.

Gratitude and Future Treatment

Michaela expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support, particularly from long-time friend Steve Carell, with whom Ken previously worked at Second City Chicago improv. Despite the successful cancer removal, Ken still faces further procedures, including reconstructive surgery, radiation, and potentially chemotherapy. The recovery period for these additional treatments is estimated to be six months.