Kelly Stewart’s Super Bowl Picks And Betting Advice


Kelly Stewart, a renowned sports betting analyst, shares her expert insights and top picks for the upcoming Super Bowl showdown between the Chiefs and the 49ers.

Key Takeaway

Kelly Stewart offers strategic betting advice for the Super Bowl, including insights on money line bets, game script strategy, and second half projections, providing valuable perspectives for bettors.

Expert Betting Advice

  • Money Line Bets: Stewart recommends betting on either team’s money line, emphasizing the slight advantage of the Niners over the Chiefs on a neutral field.
  • Game Script Strategy: Before placing bets, consider the anticipated game flow. Stewart predicts a higher-scoring first half and advises considering the first half over for those interested in over/unders.
  • Second Half Projections: Stewart anticipates a lower-scoring second half, highlighting the defensive prowess of both teams and the potential impact on the game’s outcome.

Stewart also shares her personal bet, revealing her choice to favor the Niners by laying -$125 on the money line.

Insights on Game Dynamics

Stewart delves into the factors influencing the betting line and sheds light on the sportsbooks’ preferences for the Super Bowl outcome, providing valuable perspectives for bettors.