Kansas Man Stopped By TSA Over Unopened Christmas Gift From Grandma


A Kansas man had an unexpected encounter with TSA agents when he was stopped over a Christmas gift that his grandmother had instructed him not to open until he reached California. The incident, which occurred during the Thanksgiving holiday, caused quite a stir at the airport.

Key Takeaway

A Kansas man was stopped by TSA agents due to a large unopened Christmas gift from his grandmother. TSA agents, suspicious of the unknown contents, opened the gift and discovered it was a vintage typewriter. The incident highlights the importance of abiding by security protocols, even when faced with unexpected situations.

An Unopened Gift Raises Suspicion

Brett Gaffney, the man in question, had a feeling that the large brown briefcase containing his surprise gift would raise some eyebrows. Despite his curiosity, he had respected his grandmother’s wishes and refrained from opening it before his arrival in California.

As predicted, the airport detectors flagged the mysterious briefcase, leading to questioning by TSA agents. When asked about its contents, Gaffney could only state that he was unaware of what was inside.

Agents, understandably skeptical, probed further to understand why he was clueless about the contents. Following security protocol, they decided to open the briefcase, spoiling the surprise that Gaffney’s grandmother had intended.

A Vintage Typewriter Revealed

Inside the briefcase, to Gaffney’s amazement, was a vintage typewriter. Puzzled by his grandmother’s choice of gift, he playfully joked about his resemblance to Tom Hanks, who is known for his love of typewriters.

While Gaffney contemplated what to do with the unexpected gift, one thing became clear: his grandmother certainly knows how to keep a secret.