Kansas City Chiefs Stars Patrick Mahomes And Travis Kelce Invest $210 Million In Alpine F1 Team


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce are taking their partnership from the football field to the world of motorsports. The dynamic duo has joined forces as investors in the Alpine Formula One team, contributing a massive $210 million to the venture. This move marks their foray into a completely new sport, showcasing their diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit.

Key Takeaway

Kansas City Chiefs stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have made a significant investment of $210 million in the Alpine Formula One team. This move showcases their diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit beyond the football field. By joining forces with other sports superstars, they aim to attract new fans to Alpine and enhance various aspects of the team’s operations. The involvement of Mahomes and Kelce brings a winning mentality and drive for success that could potentially boost Alpine’s performance in Formula One.

Star-Studded Partnership

The investment was announced by Otro Capital, who also revealed a lineup of other sports superstars who are partnering with Alpine. Alongside Mahomes and Kelce, this impressive group includes two-time Super Bowl winner Rory McIlroy, boxer Anthony Joshua, and soccer players Trent Alexander-Arnold and Juan Mata. The goal of this star-studded partnership is to attract new fans to Alpine and enhance various aspects of the team, such as media coverage, ticket sales, and merchandise.

In discussing their decision to invest, Mahomes expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity, stating, “I’ve always had a passion for all sports. The opportunity to lead an investor group with Travis in Alpine F1 alongside Otro Capital was one I couldn’t pass up.” He sees this as a chance to bring their shared values to the global stage and contribute to the growth of the sport.

Kelce echoed Mahomes’ sentiments, saying, “I am thrilled to lead an investor group and join forces with Patrick and the team at Otro Capital on this exciting venture with Alpine F1. Our shared passion for excellence and innovation forms the cornerstone of this partnership.” For him, being part of a sport that demands precision, teamwork, and relentless pursuit of success is an incredible opportunity.

Forming an Impressive Team

The investment is backed not only by Mahomes and Kelce but also by their respective management company, A&A Management. Joining them in leading this investment group are Andre Eanes of A&A Management, Joey Feste of KM Capital, and Rhodes McKee of MavenHill Capital / ReynardMcKee. This diverse team of individuals with expertise in various fields is set to make a significant impact on the Alpine Formula One team.

Alpine F1’s Current Standings

Alpine, the recipient of this substantial investment, currently sits in sixth place in the constructor standings. The team has enjoyed moderate success with drivers Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly. However, with the involvement of Kelce and Mahomes, both accustomed to achieving greatness in their respective careers, there is anticipation that their winning mentality and drive for success will rub off on Alpine’s performance.