K.C. Chiefs Fan’s Native American Headdress Costume Sparks Controversy


A mother of a Kansas City Chiefs fan has come forward to defend her son’s choice of a Native American headdress costume at a recent game. Despite the controversy and accusations of cultural insensitivity, she argues that the outfit was not offensive and that people need to stop overreacting.

Key Takeaway

A Kansas City Chiefs fan’s mother defends her son’s choice of a Native American headdress costume, arguing that it was not offensive and that he has a personal connection to the culture. The controversy stirs mixed reactions and remains unresolved.

The Controversial Gameday Outfit

The incident occurred during the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders game in Las Vegas when TV cameras captured Holden Armenta wearing a headdress with a painted face. Some critics, such as Deadspin, accused him of wearing blackface and demanded that the NFL address the issue, deeming the feathered attire inappropriate as well.

A Mother’s Defense

In response to the backlash, Shannon Armenta, Holden’s mother, took to her Facebook page to explain the situation. She clarified that her son’s face paint was a combination of black and red, matching the colors of his favorite team. Moreover, she stated that Holden is of Native American descent, giving him a personal connection to the headdress he was wearing.

Shannon Armenta expressed her frustration with those who found the costume offensive, writing, “People are ridiculous.” She even shared additional photos of Holden from the game, pointing out that many people wanted to take pictures with him and that the players themselves enjoyed his costume.

A Fan’s Unwavering Support

Holden’s father also joined the discussion on his Facebook page, asserting that his son is simply the biggest fan of the Kansas City Chiefs. This statement implies that Holden’s intention was to show his unwavering support for the team rather than to offend anyone.

Mixed Reactions

While the Kansas City Chiefs have remained silent on the matter, other figures have weighed in. Notably, Elon Musk took to Twitter to share his opinion, claiming that the initial backlash against the boy’s costume was “deception” exposed by his platform’s community notes.