Joey Votto Lends Vocals For “The Spongebob Musical” At Local Children’s Theater


Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto is not only known for his skills on the baseball diamond but also for his hidden talents off the field. Votto recently surprised everyone by lending his voice for a local production of “The Spongebob Musical” at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.

Key Takeaway

Cincinnati Reds star Joey Votto has joined The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati as the “French Narrator” in their production of “The Spongebob Musical.” Votto’s fluency in French and dedication to perfecting his role adds an exciting element to the local children’s theater experience.

Joey Votto teams up with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati

In an exciting collaboration, Joey Votto has joined forces with The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati to bring the beloved characters from the hit Nickelodeon series to life on stage. Votto will be taking on the role of the iconic “French Narrator” in the production.

With his upbringing in Toronto, Votto is fluent in French, making the role a natural fit for him. Although he won’t be physically present during the performances, his dedication to perfecting the character’s voice and accent will undoubtedly be a treat for both the cast and the audience.

A Cincinnati icon brings the character to life

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati expressed their gratitude and excitement for having Joey Votto on board for their 23-24 season. TCT CEO Kim Kern remarked, “We are so thankful to Joey Votto and his team for being a part of the 23-24 TCT Season. Our audiences will enjoy hearing a Cincinnati icon bring this character to life.”

Another highlight in Votto’s career

Joey Votto’s participation in “The Spongebob Musical” adds yet another highlight to his impressive career. With 356 home runs under his belt, the Reds first baseman continues to make an impact both on and off the field.